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Trout Fishing

Southwest Wisconsin Trout streams are among the most popular streams in the United States. The accessibility of the water, the potential to catch trophy trout, public easements along most streams and the scenic beauty of the area all contribute to the area's reputation as a trout resource. Many of the area trout streams run through pasture land and the lack of high brush, weeds and trees on the banks create a fly-fisher's paradise. Abundant forage in the streams, coupled with a longer growing season produce some real tackle busters.

Grant County and Fennimore Area Trout Streams such as the Little Grant River, the Castle Rock Creek, the Big Green River, and Big Spring Creek offer something for every type of trout fisher. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources maintains public fishing easements on many miles of these streams. Please see the WI DNR Trout Stream Map. While several streams in the area have special regulations, most allow for the use of live or artificial bait and allow anglers to keep three fish with a minimum size limit of 9 inches. Some streams or portions of streams however, allow for only catch-and-release fishing with artificial lures. Typically, these streams may have the potential to produce larger trout because of plentiful food, but they do not have natural reproduction. Other streams might have some reproduction as well as the ability to produce larger trout. Still other streams might have a large amount of smaller fish due to excellent reproduction capabilities but the prime breeding size fish need special protection.

Trout Fishing
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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources offers four sets of regulation for trout streams in the Fennimore area. Category 3 streams offer the standard regulation of a three trout a day bag limit with a minimum size limit of 9 inches for brook, brown and rainbow trout. Again, this regulation is in effect on most of the trout water in the area. Category 5 streams are special regulation waters and are designated in the regulation pamphlet.

Grant County has three types of Category 5 waters; the first allows for only catch and release fishing, using only artificial lures. All trout caught in these areas must be immediately returned to the water. The second type of special regulations only allows for the harvest of trout between 10 and 13 inches. Trout larger or smaller than the slot may not be kept. Bag limits for these waters are three trout total. The last type of Category 5 stream has a minimum size limit of 12 inches and a daily bag limit of two trout. The above regulations apply to the regular trout season, which opens the first Saturday in May and closes September 30th each year. Wisconsin also has a statewide early trout season with catch-and-release, artificial lure, barbless hook only regulations which begins the first Saturday in March, and ends the Sunday before the regular season opens. This unique opportunity allows outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy fishing at a time when there may not be a lot of other outdoor recreational opportunities available.

Wisconsin Fishing License

Always check open fishing season dates and current Wisconsin Fishing Regulations

A Trout Stamp and License are required to fish in the State of Wisconsin. Please refer to the DNR Fishing Regulations provided with license for current bag and size limits for specific streams.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Hunting & Fishing Licenses may be purchased online.

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